Dental hygienist


Dental hygienist

Hygienists are dental professionals who work with your dentist. They help you to establish an optimum daily oral health routine, to prevent disease and decay.

What is a dental hygienist?

Hygienists have two main roles in a dental practice

Scaling and polishing teeth – Hygienists are specifically trained to remove the tartar build up that prevents effective cleaning.

Providing you with a personalised care regime – Arming you with the know-how to keep your teeth spotless in between visits.

A solid regime of quality brushing and interdental cleaning is an essential part of the fight against gum disease and tooth decay and your hygienist will guide you to the perfect cleaning regime.

Kelvin House hygienists are all qualified professionals working under clinical guidance from the dentist and we treat both adults and children on a private basis.

Extended appointments: In certain cases, your dentist may recommend booking an extended appointment with one of our hygienists. These are particularly useful for patients who are at a higher risk of developing gum disease, or if your teeth are heavily stained, or in cases where patients have not had a professional clean for some time. Also, where there may be more advanced gum problems, measuring and treating the problem will require more time to be spent with your hygienist.

Hygienist tips for a super-healthy smile

Clean in between the teeth, using a method appropriate for the size of the space: floss, tape or a ‘clean between’ brush.

Follow up with a super slim single-tufted brush in hard to reach areas or in deeper gum pockets if instructed to do so.

Don’t neglect the area where the tooth and gum meet

Choose a fluoride toothpaste and brush with an electric toothbrush. Spit out the excess toothpaste after brushing, but DO NOT rinse!

Minimise snacks between meals

Have regular inspections

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